Baby Adelina ~ Born August 2020 

"Julia was our doula in August for our second child. I truly cannot imagine if she was not by my side through my labor and delivery, especially during a global pandemic. I personally suffer from anxiety and Julia was so helpful and calm. She knew when to step in and when to allow to partner take on full support. I felt extremely comfortable with her. During pregnancy, I never felt like she was judging any of my wishes. She was super friendly not only to me, but my whole family. She was always available when I needed her, which was awesome! During labor, she was the best at keeping me calm and focused in the moment. This was my second all natural birth and it was completely different. It was a bit more intense and I experienced major back major. My labor was very quick. I loved everything Julia brought and tried to bring me comfort. For me, her oils and calming voice and reminders for breathing helped me focused. I was thankful for the different positions and swaying. Because of Julia, I experienced a beautiful birth with bringing my daughter into the world. If I ever have baby #3, I would not even think twice about having Julia there. I definitely recommend her!" - Second Time Mama 

Baby Sophia ~ Born January 2021

"I could not have survived my labor without Julia! She was there for me every single step of the way and did absolutely everything she could to make my husband and I as comfortable as possible. One thing I loved is that she knew the perfect moments to step in and be my lead support and knew when I needed my husband right by my side. It was a perfect blend to allow me to feel connected to my husband while also giving him some time to settle and reset when needed. After a grueling labor I had to make an extremely tough decision that was very raw and emotional for me. Julia helped me sort through my emotions and help me make an informed and rational decision even though I was in the one of the weakest places in my life. Her love and support never wavered and I felt I could make any decisions without any judgement and only 100% support from her. After my baby was born she was wonderful and positive presence in the room helping capture priceless moments for my husband and I. I absolutely could not have imagined having my baby without her there." -First Time Parents 

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