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"Julia was our doula in August for our second child. I truly cannot imagine if she was not by my side through my labor and delivery, especially during a global pandemic. I personally suffer from anxiety and Julia was so helpful and calm. She knew when to step in and when to allow to partner take on full support. I felt extremely comfortable with her.


During pregnancy, I never felt like she was judging any of my wishes. She was super friendly not only to me, but my whole family. She was always available when I needed her, which was awesome!


During labor, she was the best at keeping me calm and focused in the moment. This was my second all natural birth and it was completely different. It was a bit more intense and I experienced major back major. My labor was very quick. I loved everything Julia brought and tried to bring me comfort. For me, her oils and calming voice and reminders for breathing helped me focused. I was thankful for the different positions and swaying.


Because of Julia, I experienced a beautiful birth with bringing my daughter into the world.

If I ever have baby #3, I would not even think twice about having Julia there.

I definitely recommend her!"

-Second Time Parents, August 2020 


"Knowing you're going to give birth during a global pandemic is nerve wracking to say the least; coupled with it being my first pregnancy, I was a bit of a mess. I heard about doulas in a pregnancy book I was reading so I began to look into it. When I realized I was only allowed 1 support person in the hospital I knew I needed to find my doula to be part of the birth team.


I found Julia later in my pregnancy and am so glad I did! She was there for my husband and I throughout the last leg of our journey and was there for us in the hospital. Julia was knowledgeable and calming which was so important for me. She was able to answer my many questions and found research for me in case I wanted to learn more. Her expertise helped me to develop my birth plan and further reassured me that I was in good hands. 

During the last week and especially the last few days I was anxious about decreasing interventions and if my voice would be heard in the hospital - with Julia by my side I felt at ease and so prepared for labor and birth. She was pivotal in how empowered and prepared I felt for my birth journey. Julia helped me to advocate for myself by making sure I had all the facts and resources I needed for a safe and happy birth. I could not have done it without her!


There are no words for how amazing it is to bring another human into the world; I am so blessed to have had my husband and Julia by my side.

Having a doula is an essential part of any brith team and Julia is one of the best!"

-January 2021, First Time Parents 

"Prior to experiencing my own pregnancy, I knew very little about what a doula was and what they do for families. In my third trimester, I decided to do a little research into the types of support a doula could provide. I had significant anxiety with the whole birth experience where no one that I talked to could truly ease my mind.


When my chiropractor connected me with Julia from Dear Doula, NY. I quickly discovered that having a doula's support was everything I didn't know I needed! What I valued most in our connection during my remaining prenatal days was how receptive and responsive Julia was to hearing both my birthing wishes and concerns. She made me feel validated in each of my decisions while guiding me to help understand what other options I had to consider. 

When our baby's birthday finally came, Julia was an invaluable support in the delivery room. I felt her gentle presense guiding me as she stepped in to help with all of my needs including diffusing essential oils I had requested, assisting me through opportune positioning for delivery, advocating for my "non-negotiables" with the hospital staff when I didn't have the presense of mind to do so myself and supporting not just myself, but each of my husbands needs that day as well. I honestly don't know what we would have done without her. When I look back on everything, she shaped so much of my positive birth experience and I am so grateful for her. 

Hiring Julia as a part of our birth team was the best decision we could've made for ourselves. She truly has the knowledge, understanding and passion for all phases of pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. 

We loved every moment of working with her and appreciate the friendship we've forged with her through this experience as well."

-First Biological Baby, March 2021 


"I could not have survived my labor without Julia! She was there for me every single step of the way and did absolutely everything she could to make my husband and I as comfortable as possible. One thing I loved is that she knew the perfect moments to step in and be my lead support and knew when I needed my husband right by my side. It was a perfect blend to allow me to feel connected to my husband while also giving him some time to settle and reset when needed.


After a grueling labor I had to make an extremely tough decision that was very raw and emotional for me. Julia helped me sort through my emotions and help me make an informed and rational decision even though I was in the one of the weakest places in my life.


Her love and support never wavered and I felt I could make any decisions without any judgement and only 100% support from her. After my baby was born she was wonderful and positive presence in the room helping capture priceless moments for my husband and I.

I absolutely could not have imagined having my baby without her there."

-First Time Parents, January 2021 

"When my girlfriend found out I was pregnant she and I were talking and she told me she wanted to live vicariously through me and that I should get a birth doula. I laughed it off and said,  "why, I don’t need a doula, I have the nurses and midwives". Well fast forward a few weeks and I contemplated it but didn’t act on it. I waited until I was seven month pregnant to start looking for a doula. I decided with COVID-19 that I wanted extra support in the room with me the whole time. My husband is wonderful, and with my first birth kept asking how he could help.  Being a first time mom I had no idea how he could help!  


I wanted to be able to have my husband present with me and a doula to be my support. I had a phone consult with Julia and knew she was the one. I felt an instant connection with her. That was confirmed when we met in person. She came and met with us twice before birth. She answered all of our questions and was supportive of of our birth choices. She took her time with us and I didn’t feel rushed at all. She had amazing resources for me, sending me articles, offering an acupuncturist, chiropractor, and being available for me 24/7 via text or phone.  


I had a planned induction and Julia was an amazing support checking in on me to see how I was doing. I text her at 4am when my water broke. I let her know a few hours later that I was ready for her support and she was there right away. She was nothing short of phenomenal in every way. She has a calming presence and knew exactly how to support me and when. 


I let her know that I was uncomfortable and she came up with the next suggestion on what to do. She brought in the yoga and peanut ball. As I was bouncing on the ball she was applying essential oils to help me. When that wasn’t working for me anymore she suggested I lay back down in bed and try the peanut ball in between my legs. We then proceeded to try the bath and she turn the lights out and put up her strand of lights in the bathroom and had a nice aromatherapy essential oils to help stay calm. She knew what I needed when I did not. 


I would not have done any of those things well laboring and I am forever grateful that she was there by my side.


My midwife stated she needed to do an episiotomy due to babies heart rate dropping. Julia knew this was a hard NO for me and suggested I try another position. The team quickly assisted in changing my position  and one more push baby came out and no episiotomy! 


She captured priceless moments right after birth of our family.

I could not imagine my birth experience without Julia.

I am a true advocate that everyone should have a Doula for their birth."

-Second Time Parents, March 2021


When my husband and I began the search for a doula for our second child's birth, we were worried about finding someone that we felt comfortable with.

Then, we met Julia. 

From the initial visit, she was informative, kind, helpful and a great listener. We immediately felt like she would be a great fit and now, I am so glad that we had Julia along for our birth journey. Not only was she incredible during labor and delivery ensuring I was comfortable and cared for, but leading up to delivery, she checked in with me on a regular basis and helped answer any questions I had. 

She also has provided so much support postpartum and we consider her a part of the family now! One of the greatest qualities that Julia has is the ability to offer information regarding all things birth related while also remaining sensitive to your own desires and birth plan. I always felt supported and cared for both physically and emotionally throughout the whole process! I can't recommend Julia enough, she's simply the best! 

-Second Time Parents, May 2021 

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